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Welcome to the PRESENCE Learning Network (PLN), hosted by Living Lands.


Living Lands is in the process of changing the way we work; therefore, we are not currently receiving applications for research-based internships in 2023. If you are very interested in working with our organization in 2023, you can apply for a non-research-based internship using the enquiry form.

Our Internships

Our internship initiative provides students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain experience in our work in two landscapes in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.


Our Story

Participatory Restoration of Ecosystem Services & Natural Capital, Eastern Cape (PRESENCE) was founded in 2006 to further ecosystem research and restoration practices as part of the Subtropical Thicket Restoration Programme in the Baviaanskloof.

In 2009, Living Lands took full responsibility for hosting and facilitating PRESENCE. Now known as the PRESENCE Learning Network, the focus has expanded beyond the Baviaanksloof and our base at the Learning Village to encompass all the landscapes where Living Lands is based.


We have hosted over 80 students and interns to date.

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